300000 pulse laser epilator IPL painless photon epilator body hair removal device bikini armpit permanent hair removal


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inconvenience caused by too much hair, leading to remove the body hair technology into
9 * Replace the lamp holder - Hold the upper part of the handle with one hand and hold the lamp cap on the other hand.
3. To ensure that the light parts of the skin clean, and essential oils can not be used at the same time, body hair as much as possible shaved clean hair.
Note: laser is the treatment of hair root, take some time, not immediately used immediately effective Oh.
1. Operation need to wear goggles, glasses can not look directly at the flashing light.
Number of flashes: 300,000 times
Product Name: Household laser hair removal device
10. machine continuous working time not more than 25 minutes, hair removal area is relatively large, can be divided into several times. [Need to turn off the power after 25 minutes, 10 minutes after the break can continue]
5 * Please wear the product with a dedicated eye care glasses {usually wearing sunglasses, sunglasses can be}, to avoid flashing eyes.
The first three months - "15 days to use once", you can see the new hair was basically suppressed, not in the rebound, gently pull out, only a small amount of hair grow.
HanQi and all beauty salon optical hair removal equipment, like these in the growing season of hair will react to HanQI, therefore, whether it is the use of beauty salon optical hair removal equipment or HanQI, need to accept 3 - 4 months of treatment, to Completely eliminate the hair growth at different times, to achieve lasting hair removal effect.
7 * Move the cosmetic lamp head to the next hair removal area and keep it close to the skin. Press the flash button and press the flash button.
7. After handling the sun, 2 hours need to go out please apply sunscreen, 2 hours after the sun can not apply sunscreen.
5. Use of delicate skin or light sensitive skin.
3 * long press the \'boot button\' 2 seconds, the beauty device starts to run, the light intensity automatically defaults to a file, while a gear stalls lights up, a few seconds after the preparation of the warning light.
Function: hair removal + acne + rejuvenation,
1 * clean the skin, scraping the need for hair removal parts, and clean.
Treatment Effective cycle:
Technology: home pulse light
Hair removal part of the whole body work mode laser article 009
6 * the beauty device head fully fit on the skin, to be ready to blink light, press the flash launch button to send a flash, the lamp covered area covered hair removal.
Brand HANQI / Han seven material ABS
The fourth month - "30 days to use once", hair is almost no long, to achieve permanent hair removal, with perfect skin.
Since 1998 IPL intense pulsed light began to apply to skin beauty, has been nearly 20 years. IPL, laser used in hair removal, fundamentally solve the people because of the
The first month - "5 days to use once" is not finished immediately off hair Oh! Hair or skin appearance will not be significantly changed, please be patient, the results are absolutely worth the wait.
English instructionAccessories: power adapter + goggles +2 laser head + Chinese and English manual + manual
9. This product is charged, in addition to the designated maintenance personnel, other people can not remove any parts.

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Package Size 27cm x 22cm x 12cm (10.63in x 8.66in x 4.72in)
Unit Type Bag
Item Type Razor
Size 27*22*12
Gender Female
Model Number TR-017

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