For Mazda6 Mazda Mazdaspeed 6 MS6 2002-2008 Excellent 8pcs Angel Eyes Halo Ring Ultra bright illumination CCFL Angel Eyes kit


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For Mazda6 Mazda Mazdaspeed 6 MS6 2002-2008 Excellent 8pcs Angel Eyes Halo Ring Ultrabright illumination CCFL Angel Eyes kit New lights for the headlights, " Angel Eyes ",which will be visible even when the xenon. The temperature of the light flux 7000 to provide bright lighting and eye-catching look of your car. Description: - Super bright CCFL illumination lights "Angel Eyes" - Bright White Light with a temperature of 7000 K glow - Ultra bright white light (visible even when the xenon) - We recommend professional installation Specification: - Low power consumption - Shock-resistant enclosure - Instant on lamps, even at very cold temperatures - IMPORTANT! Heat-resistant - Bright white light emission at 7000 K Advantage of CCFL Angel eyes halo: 1.The glass is from NEG. 2.The electrode is from TOSIBA. 3.The hydrargyrum is from Italy SEAS. 4.High luminance and high color rendering. 5.Long life. 6.Environmentally friendly by using Pb free glass,Pb free solder and by reducing excessive mercury content. 7.Energy saving and low lamp temperature by adopting new type elecrtode. Advantage of CCFL Angel eyes Inverter: 1.Because they employ advanced output current contort, fluctuations in input voltage, load , and distributed capacitance have virtually no effect on brightness. 2.Because of built-in PWM circuit(pulse width modulation circuit),dimming range is wider than earlier type products. 3.Output open and short circuit conditions result in no damage , or other difficulties. 4.Built-in fuse assures a high degree of safety. 5.To avoid over-shoot and inrush current problems , the design of our inverter have soft-startup. Luminous inverter is located outside, unlike other cheaper models, where the inverter is located inside the headlights, which predisposes to more severe damage from heat. Vehicle Application For Mazda6 Mazda Mazdaspeed 6 MS6 2002-2008 Package Content: 8 pcs CCFL Rings 4 pcs Inverters double side sticker 1 x color box 1 x Installation instructions Detailed Photo Gallery(Kind shooting): Lighting effect: Geerge ccfl angel eyes some Installation case :

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Additional Information

Package Size 35cm x 26cm x 18cm (13.78in x 10.24in x 7.09in)
Package Weight 1.0kg (2.20lb.)
Lumen Voltage 700 ± 5% Vrms
Brand Name geerge
Waltage 3.5 ±10%W
Life Time more than 15,000 hours
Light Source CCFL ring illumination
Frequency 40 ± 5%

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