CSRA64215 fourth generation development board /APTX/AAC/ dual MIC/ containing CSR USB-SPI-S Downloader


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CSRA64215 fourth generation development board landing shop!
1 using high quality op amp, providing 3.5 headphone output interface, direct drive headphones!
4 AUX audio input, Bluetooth audio transmitter.
3 dual MIC interface, more noise reduction may be able to answer the call.
11 buzzer and vibration motor, can develop anti loss device, massage, etc., more product development possibilities (exclusive) !
3. MINI USB 1 Pure copper wire, high stability!
5 in order to facilitate debugging, the program has not set the automatic shutdown function, the need to manually shut down.
Mono with a call: CSRA64110, CSR8615
1 Bluetooth Name: CSRA64215;
7, 4 3W full frequency high quality loudspeaker pair
Three: Product Description
CSRA64215 fourth generation development board features:
CSRA64215 development board, for developers to develop the use of products, built-in 4M FLASH, fast, convenient, practical, product development essential weapon.
4 development board supporting schematics, screen printing, etc.
12 I2S/PCM/SPDIF digital audio interface, can provide test procedures, high-quality audio from the digital start (exclusive) !

Need more development features can be purchased development board dedicated adapter board, to achieve more features:
Because SF Express Relevant regulations, with Battery perhaps horn Goods, Inter provincial Unable to send SF air ! Guangdong province is not affected! Our default hair SF land Aging is generally 2-3 days. If special Requirement , Please take in Remarks on order Or before Ali Wangwang contact the owner ! Remark: shop Place of delivery yes Shenzhen city of Guangdong Province ).
2 using high quality 2*3W power amplifier, plug the speaker immediately into a high-quality Bluetooth speaker (exclusive) !
4 CSRA64215 data package, including the development of debugging software, development documentation (via email!)
CSR version of the ROM debugging methods are the same, just need a deep understanding of which can be a product development, it is recommended to buy the most powerful CSRA64215.
CSR ROM development board recommended:
2 Physical Map
3 the operation of the five keys, respectively, to play pause, volume reduction, volume plus, on a song, the next song;
1 CSR8645 V4.0 version of the development board 1
One CSRA64215 configuration tool (CSRA64215 function configuration tools and CVC debugging tools)
Exclusive distribution of the most complete development environment and development documentation!
9, High quality headphone line
1 Introduction
2 DuPont flying wire 20
vsor. CSR ROM development board selection description

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