New Laptop Battery For HP COMPAQ 1100 2100 2200 2500 XE4000 ZE4300 Series F4098A F4809 F4809A F4812 F4812A BL103


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Presario 2540AP, Presario 2545US, Presario 2548EA, Presario 2550AP,
Presario 2169EA, Presario 2170CA, Presario 2170US, Presario 2171US,
Presario 2144EA, Presario 2145AP, Presario 2145CA, Presario 2145US,
F4809-60901, F4809A, F4812, F4812A ,for HP-NX9000L ,for HP-XE4000L ,for HP-ZE4000L
Product Type : Replacement Battery (100% Brand New)
Pavilion ze5000, Pavilion ze5100, Pavilion ze5155, Pavilion ze5160,
Presario 2218ap,Presario 2218rs,Presario 2218rs, Presario 2219ap,
Presario 2172EA, Presario 2172US, Presario 2175CA, Presario 2175US,
Condition : Brand New, 24 months warranty!Certificated by CE & Rohs !!
Presario 2525US, Presario 2526EA, Presario 2528AP, Presario 2528CL,
Presario 2180CA, Presario 2195US
Pavilion ze5200, Pavilion ze5207, Pavilion ze5217, Pavilion ze5228,
Pavilion ze5242, Pavilion ze5244, Pavilion ze5250, Pavilion ze5252,
Presario 2101US, Presario 2102EA, Presario 2102US, Presario 2103AP,
for COMPAQ: 113955-001, 294038-182, 319411-001, CQ-P2100L
Pavilion ze5357LA, Pavilion ze5360EA, Pavilion ze5362EA, Pavilion ze5365US,
Pavilion ze5320EA, Pavilion ze5325EA, Pavilion ze5339EA, Pavilion ze5343EA,
Voltage : 14.8V
Presario 2267ap,Presario 2268ap, Presario 2269ap,Presario 2269as
Presario 2123AP, Presario 2124AP, Presario 2125, Presario 2125AP,
Pavilion ze5258, Pavilion ze5262, Pavilion ze5270, Pavilion ze5279,
Presario 2238ap,Presario 2264ap, Presario 2265ap,Presario 2266ap,
Presario 2140US, Presario 2141EA, Presario 2142EA, Presario 2143AP,
Presario 2200 Series:
Presario 2220ap, Presario 2221ap,Presario 2223ap, Presario 2223us,
2220US, 2221US, 2222US, 2223US, 2227US, 2228US, 2229US,
All Pavilion ze5000 Series including:
Presario 2125EA, Presario 2126AP, Presario 2126dk, Presario 2126EA,
Presario 2135AP, Presario 2135CA, Presario 2135EA, Presario 2135US,
Presario 2148AP, Presario 2150AP, Presario 2150US, Presario 2155US,
Presario 2223us, Presario 2226ap, Presario 2226cl, Presario 2227ap,
Presario 2157EA, Presario 2158EA, Presario 2161US, Presario 2162US,
Presario 2233ap, Presario 2235ap,Presario 2236ap, Presario 2236cl,
Laptop Battery for HP Compaq Business Notebook N1050v NX9005 NX9010 NX9030 NX9000 NX9008 NX9020 NX9040 HSTNN-DB13
Presario 2134dk, Presario 2134EA, Presario 2135AC, Presario 2135AD,
Presario 2108EA, Presario 2109EA, Presario 2110CA, Presario 2110LA,
Presario 2500AP, Presario 2500LA, Presario 2500CTO, Presario 2505AP,
Presario 2136AD, Presario 2136EA, Presario 2137AD, Presario 2137EA,
Presario 2106AP, Presario 2107AP, Presario 2107EA, Presario 2108AP,
Presario 2520EA, Presario 2520LA, Presario 2521EA, Presario 2525CA,
Pavilion ze5165, Pavilion ze5170, Pavilion ze5185, Pavilion ze5190,
Presario 2127EA, Presario 2128EA, Presario 2130AP, Presario 2130EA,
Presario 2131EA, Presario 2132AC, Presario 2133, Presario 2133AC,
Presario 2510AP, Presario 2510EA, Presario 2510LA, Presario 2511EA,
Pavilion ze5451US, Pavilion ze5457LA, Pavilion ze5460EA, Pavilion ze5460US,
Presario 2529EA, Presario 2535AP, Presario 2538CL, Presario 2539EA,
Presario 2227us,Presario 2227us, Presario 2228ap,Presario 2229ap,
Pavilion ze5375US, Pavilion ze5385CA, Pavilion ze5385US, Pavilion ze5395US,

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Additional Information

Package Weight 0.45kg (0.99lb.)
Package Size 23cm x 11cm x 6cm (9.06in x 4.33in x 2.36in)
Compatible Brand HP
Place of Origin Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Package Yes
Battery Capacity 4001 - 5000 MAh
Cell qty 8 Cell
Products Status Stock
Cell level Grade A++
Brand Name HSW
Type Li-Ion

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