XDUOO X10 Music Mp3 Player Hifi Lossless Mp3 2.0" Screen 3.5MM Jack DAC DSD Player Support TF Up 256G 192KHz/24Bit AIFF APE FLAC


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Fourth, the interface:
9, volume control: 100 digital volume control
Charging time
1, the use of dial + button design, the keys were POWER button, BACK button, OPTION key, VOL + key, VOL-key, PRE key, NXET key total of 7 keys.
Note: the Expansion storage capacity is 256GB with the SD card. There is no SD card in our parcel, please know this in advance!
Gross weight: 350g
Life time> 9 hours
Third, the display screen: 2.0 inch 240 * 320 resolution of 262K color vertical screen display.
Low-pass filter using ultra-low distortion, ultra-low noise OPA1612 chip, in order to allow more audio fans feel the "real sound" reduction, the amplifier circuit is used in the form of J-FET input high-quality operational amplifier MUSES8920, Finally, in order to get the most adequate push current, the headphone output stage using the LMH6643 as a current buffer to get a wide sound field, large dynamic music performance and sufficient bass energy.
Resolution: >70dB
WAV format: support up to 192KHz / 24bit.
Size: 53 * 107.5 * 16.5MM
XDUOO X10 Music Mp3 Player Hifi Lossless Mp3 2.0" Screen 3.5MM Jack DAC DSD Player Support TF Up 256G 192KHz/24Bit AIFF APE FLAC
FLAC format: compression level (1 ~ 8) are supported 192KHz / 24bit.

1, firmware upgrade: Micro SD card can be upgraded through the firmware, (card file system must be FAT32).
Using the new audio architecture JZ4760B + AK4490, DSD format to support the decoding of music,
ALAC format: up to 192KHz / 24bit.
Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz (± 0.5dB)
16, DAC filter settings: support fast decay or slow decay operation
Net weight: 140g
14, sleep shutdown: you can customize the sleep shutdown time
Distortion Plus: (THD + N): 0.0016%
10, CUE support: support CUE track selection and fast forward and backward rewind operation
3, the play mode: the order of play, random play, single play, all cycles.
AIFF format: Apple\'s lossless music compression mode, both support 192KHz / 24bit.
At the same time support WAV, ALAC, AIFF, FLAC, APE and other lossless audio formats.
13, automatic shutdown: You can customize the automatic shutdown time
Extra high and Insane modes are not supported.
Line output SNR: >112dB
Other formats: OGG, AAC, WMA, MP3, MP2 and other mainstream audio .
Fifth, the function keys:
Signal to noise ratio: (SN) ≥ 112dB
First, support different format:
15, Language settings: support multiple languages, Simplified Chinese, English, Japanese, German, French, Korean, Spanish, Polish, Russian, Thai, Indonesian, etc.
APE format: Fast up to 192KHz / 24bit; Normal and High support up to 96KHz / 24Bit;

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Additional Information

Unit Type piece
Package Size 15cm x 12cm x 8cm (5.91in x 4.72in x 3.15in)
Memory Size 256GB
Bluetooth No
Supports EBook Reading No
External Memory Yes
Dimensions (WxHxD) 53 * 107.5 * 16.5mm
Screen Size 2.0 inches
Style Pure Audio MP3
mp3 music player hifi
Storage Type Flash Memory
Supports FM No
Audio Format Support MP3, WMA, APE, FLAC
Supports Recording Function No
Model Number XDUOO X10
Balanced Out YSE
Screen Yes
Battery Life 10 - 20 hours

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