Electric Bicycle Brushless Motor Controller 48V 1500W 18 Fets For E-bike&Scooter


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Product Description

3 phase 60° or 120° brushless motor.
13)Speed Meter Cable: Green( Not suitable for LCD Speed Meter)
Name: Brushless Motor Controller
9.)Anti-theft Alarm Cables: Red + Black(power) + Red(E-start) + Blue(Motor Signal) + Green(Motor Lock)
Throttle Voltage:1.1-4.2V
5.)Throttle Cables: Small Red(5v) + Small Blue(signal) + Small Black(Negative)
Function: White cables connecting together
7.)High E-level Brake: Yellow( for 12v braking bike)
4.)Hall Cables: small red, small black, small yellow, small green, small blue
Only those 8 wires(3 phase-cables & 5 hall-cables) DC brushless motor that can work with this controller, other brushless motors are not compatible.
11.)Cruise(Optical):Cruise Function: Gray Cables(Two plugs connecting together will be auto cruise function;
Brake level:High/Low
Phase Angle: self-study
10.)Self-Study cable:Self-study(Phase Learning)
1.)Power Cables: big red + big black
Connection Table:
Packing Included
2.)Motor Cables: big yellow + big green + big blue
if connecting the 2 cables to a switch, it will be switching cruise function)
-It has 4 groups neccessary cables(power cables, E-lock cables, Throttle-cables & Motor-phase cables), when hook up these 4 groups cables, the E-bike can run normally. -Besides, these controllers have other optional functions, users can hook them up according to your applications
Suitable for: Electric bicycle & scooter,Mechanical or electric forklift etc.

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Additional Information

Package Weight 0.8kg (1.76lb.)
Unit Type piece
Model Number Brushless Motor Controller
Motor Type DC Motor

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