LED digital projection clock plug free snooze alarm clock radio ABS case frozen table clock despertador relogio digital 16


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5 how to setting
material: ABS
When the led screen on timer status, Press “S”key 3 seconds to enter the setting status, then press “S” successively to setting minute, second, turn on or turn off. press “+” or “-” to adjust the flash items.
8 setting alarm clock
Radio alarm clock is same as the alarm clock setting method, when the time is up the radio will turn on.
When the led screen on birthday congratulations status, press “S” turn on or turn off this function. When the birthday reminder is off, it will display --:--, or it will display the birthday time. Press “S”key 3 seconds you can setting the year of birthday reminder by press “+” or “-”, press “S” again to setting the month and date. Press “S” third times to setting the hour, press “S” fourth times to setting the minute. When you done press “S” to drop out setting status. When the birthday time is up, it will sing the birthday song for 1 minute. You can press any key to stop it.
Birthday reminder
2.3 when the backlight switch on “L” position, the backlight will light for long time and dark
When the led screen on display year status, press the “S” key for 3 seconds to enter the setting status, then you can press “S” key to choose what you want setting, and pus “+” or “-” to setting the flash items. At last press “S” key to drop out setting status. The same as month and date setting.
6 setting time
power: DC 5V 500MA(you can use battery or unpluggeed
The projector 180 degree adjustable
color:white black
3.2 when the key “back to time display” on “OFF” position, the display will stop on the display you choose.
3.1 when the key “back to time display” on “ON” position, when you did not press any keys for 10 seconds the display will back to time display from other display.
9 setting birthday congratulations
You can enjoy 16 famous songs of the world
10 timer setting
2 colorful backlight and projector functions setting
the projector 180 degree adjustable
4.2 when the led screen display time and the key “back to time display” on “ON” position, press the “+ ” key continue the led screen will cycle in the flowing manner: just display time→switch display, time, temperature, year, month and date→projector the time, temperature, year, month and date
When the alarm time is up, the alarm will continue 1 minute, if you turn on the snooze, the alarm will every fifth bell rings, repeat 3 times. You can press any key to stop it.
How to use
3 display setting
Timing and countdown
4 display setting
functions: LED projection alarm clock with snooze+FM radio+clock radio function
7 setting calendar
2.1 press the “-” key one times the projector will adjust 180 degree when the screen display time
Two groups alarm clock with snooze

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Additional Information

Unit Type piece
Package Size 20cm x 20cm x 10cm (7.87in x 7.87in x 3.94in)
Color White, Black
Form Single Face
Display Type Digital
Width 52mm
Model Number Alarm Clocks
Function Snooze Function
Material Plastic
Style Modern
Screen Type LED
Length 150mm

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