Room AIR QUALITY CO2 ventilator speed output with Remote control


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1, When the ambient CO2 concentration is less than 350PPM, the controller shows 350PPM, because CO2 display range: 350ppm-3000ppm;
2,If you first use the controller,CO2 sensor to warm up about 1 hour,Screen CO2 reading approach the correct value.
* Dimension:: 86×86×40mm
* Control power: ≤200W
* Life: ≥10 years
Room AIR QUALITY CO2 ventilator speed output with Remote control
* Operating temperature: -10 ° c - +50 ° c

* Storage humidity: ≤ 60% RH
* Wiring terminal: Max 2.5 mm2 wire
KF-800A Ventilator Intelligent Controller is with touch screen technology and equipped with infrared remote control, it’s flexible and convenient to operate. It can monitor real-time indoor temperature, CO2 concentration. Controller output signal can directly control the startup and speed of ventilator. It can be widely used in residential, commercial and industrial applications, and can effectively improve air quality, create a healthy, comfortable, energy-efficient living and working environment.
* Output interface: Three-speed ventilator
* Warm-up time: 1 minute
3,If the controller screen CO2 concentration reading remains 350PPM, you blow the sensor to verify the controller.
* CO2 display range: 350ppm-3000ppm
Product Parameter
Installation structure
* Standby Power: ≤0.5W

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Additional Information

Package Weight 0.41kg (0.90lb.)
Package Size 16cm x 15cm x 9cm (6.30in x 5.91in x 3.54in)
Gas Type CO2
Output interface Three-speed ventilator
Control power <200W
Fixing hole distance 60mm
Life >10 years
Model Number KF-800A-IR-220V
CO2 display range 350ppm-3000ppm
Wiring terminal Max 2.5 mm2 wire

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