Coronflow Water Softener Machine CWS-CST-1035 Water Softening for Hard Water


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Packing is by international standard package. Due to not small cube meter, we suggest shipped by Ship if time is not first priority.
- 48 hours power backup
- Day of week control
- 5 status regeneration design with down-flow,
Accessory Package 1#: Chinese Softener Valve CST × 1 set, Brine tank × 1 pcs, Brine parts × 1 set, Valve parts × 1 set
- Economical - small annual power consumption
Coronflow Water Cabinet Softener, CWS-CST-1035
You not only are getting the high quality water softener systems, and the best water softener prices but the experience and knowledge from our service people.
- Heavy duty PENTAIR mineral tank 10”×35”
Accessory Package 2#: Softener Tank with strainer and Central pipe× 1 set
Our wrap around tank jackets , and caps are constructed of high impact polystyrene. Designed to fit around our fiberglass tanks, they feature a layer of insulation, virtually eliminating condensation and sweating on the tank.
Brine tank use high performance PE material to build whole brine system.
Optional Accessories,
Consider Shipping, system don\'t include Exchange resin. We recommend Purolite C100E ion exchange resin. If it is requested, please contact us for ordering. thank you.
- Regeneration can be triggered immediately
- Reliable PENTAIR BR-CST Control Valve
When you have hard water problem, it may costing you money through increased soap usage, build up calcium scale, shortening appliances and even healthy. CWS-CST-1035 offers a wide range of water conditioning and improves water quality throughout entire household.
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Additional Information

Package Size 65cm x 65cm x 112cm (25.59in x 25.59in x 44.09in)
Unit Type piece
Model Number CWS-CST-1035
Type Ion Exchange Resin Softener
Voltage (V) 220
Power (W) 12W

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