Authentic Purple Clay Handmade Hand Painted Duan Ni Dragon Eggs Teapot Yixing Zisha Health Ceramic Kung Fu Tea Set Tea Pot


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Mud: sweet and tender, dense and moist, was near the yellow tones, for the Yixing, Jiangsu Province, Zhaizhuang Department of Zhu mud ~ Huangshi Huang of the symbiotic ore, picked by picking practice u, because the iron content of only 6% , After the pottery was "Jintian yellow." Kiln temperature of about 1175 ~ 1180 degrees. Contraction ratio of 12%.
Category:Duan Ni is divided into gold Duan ni and sesame mud and old mud. Sesame mud is actually in the ore section of mud added to the other variegated mud, sesame seeds showed the surface after firing the black or brown granules small points. Gold Duan ni is the mud in the mud layer of a layer, its color is golden yellow. Old mud is mud after the mud.
Product Parameters Name: Handpainted Characters Teapot Mud: Duan Ni Forming: handmade Water: 9 hole water Capacity:350ml Packing: 1*Teapot (gift box packaging)
Punching: Duan ni mud Making tea is more broad, in general, the air permeability are good; tea Tongshun and the appropriate operation of the Ming-ching skills are not demanding, suitable for use. (Black tea), Oolong tea raw tea (light baked fire series), green tea, Longjing, black tea and so on.

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Additional Information

Package Weight 0.8kg (1.76lb.)
Unit Type piece
Material Purple Clay
Name Purple Clay Teapot
Application areas Tea Room,Office,Cafes,Living Room
Capacity 350ml

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