4pcs Driverless 5w 7w 9w 12w 15w 18w 20w 30w LED Downlight AC 110V 220V IP65 Waterproof Bathroom Dimmable LED Ceiling Spot Light


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Product Description

led light indoor lighting led spotlight downlight led downlight led panel light spotlight business light led panel ceiling lamp ceiling led ceiling light panel spot led spot led lights for home kitchen cabinet ikea panel led led spot led cob cob light led lamp ceiling spot light led ceiling lamp kitchen light ceiling fixtures led ceiling led illuminator led spot light focos led mini led lamps and ceiling led spotlight 220v luces led led downlight dimmable luminaria to ceiling led cabinet light light ceiling led down light downlight led led kitchen light led light 220v ceiling spot light led light ceiling led 9w down light crystal spotlights led ceiling panel eclairage led led spot lamp ceiling led samsung led mini led downlight led 12w led cabinet mini spot led 12w led lamp china recessed ceiling lights led dimmable led 18w led ceiling downlight ceiling led light spot lamp celing light celling light wireless ceiling light cabinet light cob led downlight led kitchen led recessed light luminaires ceiling light panel led bathroom led luminaire surface mounted led ceiling light led spotlight ceiling dimmable led light panel recessed light ceiling spotlights led celling light 15w led spot light led pannel led lamp ceiling led lamp spot light spot led recessed 12w led led lamps for ceiling ceiling panel led ceiling spotlight home led light led recessed ceiling light recessed spotlight rgb led downlight led panel 18w led downlight 18w mini downlight light point led down lights 240v 21w light led home lighting led 230v led bathroom light bathroom led the spot lamp bathroom ceiling light panel light led round led downlight square spain store led mini dowlight led spot led 3w shower ceiling light 18w led pot lights led spots set ceiling lamp led led samsung led pannel ledlight led panel dimmable mini led spotlight led downlight 3w led downlight ip44 lights for home led lamp kitchen led shop light led light bathroom led 4w home led cob led light led on recessed led led puck light ceiling led lamp 3w led spot dimmable led downlight led downlights light kitchen led under cabinet light iluminacion led round led led kitchen under cabinet light ceiling spot plafond led luminaria led celing light led ceiling fixtures led key spot led 220v spot lights to ceiling led 6w ceiling light led round led panel led light kitchen led surface downlight recessed spot light diode lamp led cob downlight led lighting indoor recessed recessed downlight light design led panel 12w led light fitting rgb downlight led lamp bathroom ceilling light shop light spot ceiling led lamp panel round led panel light led surface mounted led panel lamp led dimable bathroom led light diode lamps for home spot ceiling light led light spot round light ceiling light lamp led downlight outdoor 25w led downlight ceiling light led shower led ligths home led indoor lighting small led downlights spot led encastrable spot de led led lights importers led flat panel light led panel 220v concealed ceiling lights cob downlight recessed lamp led spot ceiling led 24w light led ceiling 24w surface mount painel led panel led 18w led downlight cob plafon de teto de led furniture led spot led light floor led lights led panel 25w ceiling led lights for home 220v led downlight 9w led stars ceiling led light rohs smd light led ceiling light dimmable ceiling downlight led downlight 12w surface mounted led crystal downlight cob led lamp led house light led lights on the ceiling dimmable led recessed lights cheap led lights cob led downlight 30w ceiling recessed luminaire lamp spot dimmable led panel indoor led lighting led celling led spot dimmable led panel light 12w led panel light 18w led kitchen light under cabinet led recessed lamp spotlights to ceiling recessed led light led light diffuser ligthing home led round panel painel led panel ceiling lamp panel ceiling led lights for home light ceiling led stainless steel kitchen panels led slim led panel round led lights drop ceiling bathroom ceiling lamp puck lights spot led ceiling ac85 265v spot led 9w led spot 220v led lights for kitchen led downlights bathroom cabinet door light switch led downlight 5w square lamp led surface osram led downlight light in bathroom painel de led led high power lamp downlight led 18w led panel 6w led cob ceiling light led downlight 20w smd led panel round ceiling light kitchen led lamp led downlight 25w wireless downlights 3w led downlight panel led light led downlight 15w dimmable led light celing led light outside led panel lighting ceiling light surface mounted led downlight chandelier ceiling led led office lighting led panels panel light led to ceiling small spotlights round aluminum dimable led aluminium lamp driverless led led ip65 downlights led panel surface mounted led dimming led down focos led 220v 12w led down light spot led 5w spot led dimmable spot led lamp led donwlight ip44 led downlight lights led for home led ceiling downlight recessed lamp lamp on the ceiling ultra thin led panel light round panel light led painel led panel 9w led down lamp led downlight surface panel lamp led panel downlight led light cob 9w led downlight ac85-265v recessed led downlight round led ceiling light mini ceiling light led panel lamp ceiling light 18w down light led downlight led 25w led downlight 30w led downlight surface mounted home lighting led led panel light dimmable down light 220 led light downlight cob led spotlight led lamp emergency led dowlight led ceiling spot light led ceiling square led 9 watt donwlight led led panel 20w downlight cob dowlight dimmable led recessed led light white ceiling recessed lighting led surface mounted ceiling light 9w led spot led 9 w 18w led panel led cob 5w 5w led downlight bulb to home 240v led downlights led downlight ip65 led ceiling stars led panel surface light celling led shop downlight cover downlight housing downlight surface ceilling lamp led recessed ceiling led recessed light dimmable lamp emergency lighting led lamp downlight led ceiling panel light led celling lamp ming lighting led ceiling light panel led spot downlight led panel 3w led panel 15w led lamp manufacturer led light 18w led dimmable downlight celing led led 12v downlight small downlights surface mounted ceiling light spotlight ceiling surface mounted downlight white light led 18 watt led 25w led panel led ceiling light 9w led spotlight indoor cob 30w ceiling led panel led pannel light kitchen spot light led cob dimmable downlight 18w downlight fitting spot ceiling lamp led downlight china led downlight kit led downlight lamp dimmable led ceiling light 20w led downlight led ight light to ceiling led 24w led led 18 led round ceiling light 4500k led led downlight panel led downlights recessed lamp to home celling led celing led light 20w cob led downlight ceiling panel light down light 220v led panel ceiling light crystal led downlight ceiling lights indoor lighting led light for ceiling downlight led 20w led panel light 6w downlight led cob downlight rgb cold white 18w led downlight ceiling design ceiling lamp for kitchen led lamp flat led ceilling light led lamp design

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Additional Information

Package Size 25cm x 10cm x 10cm (9.84in x 3.94in x 3.94in)
Unit Type lot (4 pieces/lot)
Wattage 5w 110v, 7w 110v, 9w 110v, 5w 220v, 7w 220v, 9w 220v, 12w 220v, 15w 220v, 18W 220v, 20W 220v, 25W 220v, 30W 220v
Emitting Color Warm White, Cold White, 3 Color
Warranty 3 years
Item Type Downlights
Switch Type Knob switch
color cold white/ warm white
Light Source Neon Bulbs
Material Aluminum
Body Color White
Usage Industrial
Application Kitchen
Power Source AC

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