3PCS 36"x 24" Fish tank Coral raising Raise plants Marine fish Freshwater fish 180W Dimmable lamps Aquarium lights


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Lights & Lighting

Product Description

Our Missions:
2. I grow flowers and leafy vegetables, can this light work?
Green 530nm 2 PCS
2. To provide all info and pics,work with our re-seller and distributor to build up his business.
sendus a pictureand our engineers will analyze the problem is. We will asap give you a solution.
3. Why the light is 300w(or other watt) in the listing,but the actual power consumption is 180w+/-3%?
3. Blue light: can promote coral calcium absorption, synthesis of vitamin D3, so that the healthy growth,
There are blue and red.LEDs in the led grow light and the voltage of blue is 3.2-3.4V and voltage of red LED is 2.2-2.4V,
1. I live in Europe,will this light work here?
--Good design, built in power supply

This light is designed for leafy vegetables and flowers. For medical plants, cucumbers, tomatoes, cocoa, etc.
2. Red light: can promote the healthy growth of the fish, the fish after the light irradiation, bright colors,
--Quiet running, little noise
Fourthly. case handled and send you new components in 2~3 days.
Dimmable led aquarium light 180W(60x3watt)
As you know that the big advantage of led light is energy saving, so it needs less power to run the light.
fresh fish, the water is clear and transparent, red fish better.
1 x 60*3w led grow light
White 2700K 8 PCS
All items will be tested at least twice to ensure the best quality !
Standard Spectrum Data
and consuming less power will not affect function of the lights to plants.
1 x Free hanging kit
Red 660nm 4 PCS
4. Any logo or label could be done in free within a longer time over 1000pcs. Free pamphlets and gifts offered!
--Secure operation, no risk of fire, burn or exploding
1. To provide high quality goods and competitive price,best service for you.
White 10000k 1 4 PCS
--Integrated hanging kit, very convenient to hang
1. white light: so that the water transparent, clear, vivid color plants, and can promote the photosynthesis
--High efficiency, save 85% power consumption
Red 630nm 2 PCS
We offer 2 years warranty with free charged key components. During the warranty period, if any defects happen, please
Firstly. please describe the problem in details.

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Additional Information

Package Weight 3.5kg (7.72lb.)
Package Size 35cm x 28cm x 13cm (13.78in x 11.02in x 5.12in)
Power Source AC
LED Beam Angle 120°
Light Source LED Bulbs
Duration of Service 50000-100000 hours
Product Size 310*210*60mm
Net Weight 2.7 KG
Warranty 2 years
LED Type Bridgelux/Epistar/Epileds
Model Number WT60X3W6Z
Working Temperature -20°C to 50°C
LED Color Blue\Green\Red\White
Body Material Stainless Steel
Certification CE,RoHS
Length 31cm

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