CISS LC203 with Chip for Brother MFC-J4320DW/J4420DW/J4620DW/J5520DW/J5620DW/J5720DW printer (North America)


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Product Description

1) ink volume 80 ml each color
For Brother MFC- J5620DW
1) Continuous working , No need to remove ink cartridge, easy fill ink than refill cartridge.
1) Empty CISS ink tank 1pcs
For Brother MFC- J4420DW
1) Color: Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow
This is LC103 Continuous Ink Supply System instruction. This instruction is only for referenc. Please inquire before ordering if there is any further question.
For Brother MFC-J5720DW
*If you have any problem, do please contact us before open a dispute or leave a negative feedback. Thank you! Buyer Notices:
4) Instructions 1pcs
4. When you purchase the order from us, please make sure the cartridge model number matches the one (OEM code) you are using in your printer, if doesn\'t match ink cartridges will doesn\'t work, because the cartridge’s chip is not same for different market although the printer model number may be same. FAQ: Q: What dose CIS system include? The whole units includes Reservoir bottle, CIS cartridge, Tubing, Vacuum Pump, CIS support arm and connectors. Q: Can I install empty Continuous Ink Supply System/Cartridges into printer? All CISS or refillable ink cartridge should not installed in printer to try chip working or not before you refill ink full level well, the chip may be locked permanently if the cartridge is empty. Don\'t install the empty (without ink) CISS/cartridges into the printer, that the CISS/cartridges must be filled full ink(tank/pipe/ink cartridge must be full ink), then installed into printer; otherwise, when the empty ink cartridges are inserted to printer, the chip will be locked permanently and can\'t be used normally, although after that you filled ink. Q: How does it work? Tubing is attached to cartridge and moves back and forth with the print head. Continuous ink replacement as it is drawn out of cartridges. It does not touch inside of printer or affect normal operation in any way. Q: How sensitive is the printer to the ink level in the reservoir bottles? Your printer will operate properly as long as you keep the bottle at the same level as the printer. The padding in the cartridges creates a nice pressing buffer so that the printer is able to operate with various ink levels in the bottles. If you raise the bottle up to a higher level, you run a risk of ink pooling on the paper. In normal operation with the bottle sitting next to the printer, you will experience the same great print quality no matter what the level of ink in the reservoir bottles. In fact, the print quality should be equal to what you get with a fresh, full cartridge all the time.(Normal cartridges tend to degrade in quality as the ink level drops). Q: When should I refill the reservoir bottles? Short answer, before they are empty. When you refill the bottle, do not fill them all the way up to the brim. Fill only to within 1 inch of the bottle tap. If you do run the reservoir bottle and the cartridge dry, it is possible to re-prime the chamber by removing the cartridge from the printer, plugging the exit holes, and repeating the filling instructions, however this will provide quite messy since you will be pumping some residue ink out of the cartridges in addition to the air. It would be better to order a replacement virgin empty cartridge from us.
2) Empty refill ink cartridges 1 set BK/C/M/Y with permanent chips
Suitable Area: North America
Suitable Area: North America
1) permanent chip with long time testing and works stable as it is designed by original chips.
Type: Continuous Ink Supply System
Suitable Area: North America
4) Environmentally friendly - You\'ll never have to throw away another cartridge again!
Compatible printer model:
For Brother MFC- J4620DW
3) Deluxe external bottle is made of high quality plastic ,Attractive and durable
3. All products delivered and shown in pictures may have some minor differences(product batch, the label, chip pattern, packaging). Pictures are for reference only. Without notice. For more details, please consult us.

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Additional Information

Unit Type Set
Package Weight 0.5kg (1.10lb.)
Color Other
Compatible Brand Brother
Model Number CISS LC203 for Brother
Brand Name YOTAT

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