Chinese Conversational 301 sentences for Russian learning hanyu textbook (Chinese - Russian Edition)


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This book is Chinese - Russian version Content recommendation “Say What You Want To Say - a completely handbook of spoken Chinese" is for foreigners living in China, travel, work and so on need to write a practical Chinese brochure.Book of selected 12 topics under 55 life scenes, more than 600 practical typical sentence, can basically meet foreigners working in China, in the life most communication needs of different occasions.At the same time also can be used as a basis of further improve the level of Chinese spoken language learners of Chinese supplementary teaching materials. Choreography style: classified according to different life scenes, each life scenarios of sentences in English, pinyin, Chinese order, facilitate users according to their actual needs in a timely manner to find in life, to get. Equipped with audio CD: standard Chinese pronunciation, played when necessary, by playing with the corresponding English sentence achieve their communicative purpose, but can be by repeatedly listen to imitate, learn to each sentence, mastering the standard mandarin pronunciation. Vocabulary: "words" gas station lists the relevant under the theme of a large number of vocabulary, for users according to their own needs, flexible use of the manual provided in the typical sentence provides limit. Culture, background knowledge, "you know" provides a rich and a lot of graphics on the Chinese language, culture and living habits, etc, * the basic common sense.At the same time, foreigners in China life a lot of useful information can be found in the manual. Scene session: in view of some common scenarios to write several short, practical dialogue, for the user in the context of specific correctly understand and use these sentences to offer help. A selection of themes and scenes, a lot of refined practical statements, rich information and cultural background knowledge, typical practical short session is the four characteristics of this manual.A book in hand, will be for foreigners working and living in China for the convenience.

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Audience Adult
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