Custom Radiation protection for women windbreaker, family and work amphibious radiation protection suits,apparel


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Shielding Effectiveness: 30DB Shielding the band: 10MHZ-3000MHZ For the crowd: mainly, such as computers, copiers, electronic medical equipment, staff transferred electron emission, power generation and distribution systems, radio, television, telecommunications, communications, radar, navigation, stock exchange work with computers for more frequent staff . Electromagnetic radiation: 1. computers, televisions, stereos, microwave ovens, refrigerators and other household appliances ...... 2. phones, fax machines, microwave communications and other communications equipment. 3. The high-voltage wires, motors, electrical equipment. 4. aircraft, power rail, room, power industry and other equipment. 5. radio and television transmission towers, paging transmitter station. Radar systems. 6. electronic medical equipment, stock exchange, banking, telecommunications, computer ticketing, satellite ground stations, command and control centers. Scope Long working life in the crowd than the close area of strong radiation, electromagnetic radiation should consider wearing protective clothing. To reduce the radiation dose received, including people listed below: A large, computing and operating personnel, the small computer; 2, computer software design, programming, entry personnel; 3, professional computer users include: finance, accounting, savings, securities salesperson, cashier business, computer graphic design personnel, such as advertising design, construction, machinery, art, design, animation, and secretarial (typed copy); 4, radio, television, communication, navigation, radar transmitter room near field staff; 5, metallurgy, electronics, chemical, paper, timber, food and food processing industries using high-frequency and microwave equipment operators smelting, welding, heating, venting, sputtering, dry, pesticides, disinfection processes; 6, long-term operation uses radio frequency and microwave and other medical equipment personnel; 7, specifically to microwave snack sales staff; 8, electronic equipment and instruments of production in the commissioning personnel; 9, power generation and high-voltage power transmission station staff; 10, the staff of military electronic equipment experiment station area; 11, often long 13, has heart and kidney defects of mobile phone users;; time Internet users; 12, anti-static, explosion-proof 14 staff members in the vicinity of radio, television, communication stations immunocompromised people live; 15 pregnant women.
Ms. radiation protection coat

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Additional Information

Package Weight 0.9kg (1.98lb.)
Unit Type piece
Size S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL
Material Cotton,Microfiber
Model Number l
Fabric Type Knitted
Feature Quick Dry,Windproof
Usage Utility & Safety

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