RF Signal Detector With Auto Threshold Bug Detector Wireless Camera Detector Anti Eavesdropping Device Full-range Anti-wiretapp


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Product Description

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★ How to find (locate) the signal source
★ Easy setting for suitable threshold
Confusion free with factory default benchmark.
Gain longer detecting distance in low noise environment.
Sensitivity adjustment / Interference (Background noise) Elimination.
Easy setting for suitable benchmark.
When you switch on, if only the very left LED goes Green, this means the environment is clean with low background noise. You can press the UP button to get higher sensitivity detecting threshold and the Digit display will show 7.
Press once the DOWN button in the side of detector, the digit display will show 5. If the LEDs put out and leave only the very left LED going Green and no alarm will go off, this is the suitable threshold. The very left Green LED is showing the power on or off.
★ Battery low warning
When switching on, the sensitivity of VDS-055U8L will stay at factory default threshold and the Digit display is at 6. If the environment has higher background noise, some of the LEDs will light up and the alarm of detector will beep.
To prevent such inconvenience or miss setting, we develop this new model to solve user\'s problem and reduce distributor\'s bother. SH-055U8L is specially designed for easy and simple use, which does not require complicated installation or any professional knowledge.
★ Gain longer detecting distance in low noise environment


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Additional Information

Unit Type Set
Package Size 14cm x 7cm x 25cm (5.51in x 2.76in x 9.84in)
Weight About 210g
Model Number VDS-U8L
Detecting range 50 MHz - 6.0 GHz

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