Genuine large 8 bar football table top children's toys


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(2) back to attack: when playing in the backcourt players control the ball, square center and striker transferred to head under foot position, then after the player directly manipulating shot.
Table type football offense and defense conversion quickly, against the splendid intense and test participants of flexible response and hand brain coordination ability make the right hemisphere even in the state of excitement (and in other sports in the left and right get little exercise) and emotion to maximum catharsis and relax. So this unique movement has been called a brain sauna". Table type football is a kind of new intelligence, brain fitness, sports. Table football is the sport of the elderly and young people also very, very applicable, it can develop children\'s right brain, exercise children\'s hands, balance and coordination, for older people, often playing foosball, can enhance the disease of the elderly physique and prevent senile dementia, arteriosclerosis, cerebral congestion) enable the elderly more physical and mental health. \\
(4) football if stopped in the middle of the court not to move or jump out of the desktop, from a kick-off again to kickoff or will football placed near a corner of the height, the football natural rolling the edge ball or corner.
The exercise value of table football
(1) two people, making one for two people and two people to two people for three ways.
(3) the penalty: the football on the offensive side of the striker, the penalty of one side can only use defense, no use of the players after the defense.
(1) pass the ball: play by joystick control player, before, after, left, right, different angles of passing, when football players playing on both sides of the foot or by available players will pass again pressed against the ball. Players can also be used will block the ball, with above method can the effective organization of the offensive or defensive.
Large 8 bar football table \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\\\\\\\\\ \\ \\ \\
(4): shot in the game, when your ball, can try a variety of ways, the shooting angle. \\

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Package Weight 32.0kg (70.55lb.)
Unit Type piece
Model Number oem
Type Table

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