MASTECH MS6700 Industrial Grade LCD Digital Display Digital Sound Level Meter Noise Meter DB Meter Automatic Range 30dB ~ 130dB


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Product Description

Operating temperature: 0 to +40 degrees Celsius
Analog bar display: Each analog bar is 1 db, the sampling rate of 20 times / s
With two equivalent weighted sound pressure level, A, and C.
Dynamic range ratio: 50dB
AC adapter: DC 9V
Storage humidtiy: 10 ~ 70% relative humidity
Frequency response: 31.5HZ-8kHz\'s
Housing: Positive
Auto Range: microcomputers can choose the best measurement range
Humidity: 10% ~ 80% RH
Background light in the night work.
Resolution: 0.1dB
Sampling rate: 2 times / sec
MS6700 sound level meter is an instrument for the measurement of environmental sound level: such as factories, workshops, schools, residential, office area, traffic, audio and other occasions of sound level. Also applies to the noise of engineering, quality control, health prevention etc..
Measuring range from 30dB to 130dB and automatic range.
Please follow the specifications using sound level meter.
Digital Display: 4 digitals
Dimensions: 245 * 80 * 35MM (L * W * H)
Clock and calendar functions.
1 * Operation Manual

Pin: ground socket
Two. Safety instructions:
Package Contents
Frequency weighting: A / C
AC output: 0.707 Vrms of FS (not including auto range mode), output impedance: approx.600ohm
1 * MS6700 Sound Level Meters
Appropriate recognition rate selection: fast / slow

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Additional Information

Package Weight 0.52kg (1.15lb.)
Unit Type piece
Brand Name MasTech
Measurement Range 35~130dB

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