CNC Router Rotational Rotary Axis A-axis 4th-axis 3-Jaw 80mm & Tail stock Stepper Motor for Engraving Machine


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Product Description

3.Transmission ratio 1:4 (1200 pulses / revolution) synchronization gear reducer
4.Anti-rusty coating cover
6.Tailstock stroke limit & position self-lock
8.4-pin connector 1 = A +, 2 = A-, 3 = B +, 4 = B-
6.Processing load 30KG
2.Chuck center height: 49mm
5.3.0 inch rotary handwheel
2.Outter Dimension(mm): 110x98x100mm
7.Anodized rust treatment
1.Frame Material: Aluminum Alloy

1.Chuck type: 50mm self-centering 3 Claw Chuck
The formula is: 360 / subdivision stepping angle * Drive * Transmission ratio / 360 = MACH3 Pulse
MACH3 setup instructions: 1 degree required Pulse
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Additional Information

Unit Type piece
Package Weight 4.52kg (9.96lb.)
CNC or Not CNC
Brand Name WOLIKE
Model Number Milling Machine

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